The multifaceted investment that shines

Bowen Hills Topaz Apartments

Never has an investment opportunity been as prime as what Topaz Residence apartments are offering. Topaz apartments located at Bowen Hills in Brisbane Australia offer an unrivalled investment platform for all individuals who derive pleasure from smart investments. It is the only Bowen Hills Brisbane property that is centrally placed with guaranteed access to infrastructure including trains, shopping areas and dining locations.

The apartments have a close proximity to the Brisbane CBD and have an airport link translating to ease of access.

With 64% of the dwellings in the area being rented, Topaz residences will surely offer you the best piece of investment in recent times. Smart business people measure investment regarding the returns they can expect. With Topaz, rental returns will be assured since the apartments offer an executive abode that is prime and strategically located which means guaranteed occupation.

When thinking of inner city suburbs that have been exquisitely finished and customized for the target market, Topaz apartments must come to mind. It is this factor that should attract your investment since the residences have been tailor-made to perfection with client needs in mind.

Topaz apartments are assured of 6.4% capital growth over the next 12 months which makes the investment worth the while. With the steady growth in capital, you can be assured of a direct and wholesome return on your investment within no time. The best advantage people can get from Topaz residences is the fact that there is a 71% job growth setting in Bowen Hills. This indicates a rapid rise in the labor force which translates to a demand in the places of residence. Topaz apartments being the prime residential property at Bowen Hills, occupancy is guaranteed which translates to it being a wise investment.
Topaz apartments stand as the Bowen Hills Brisbane property that can revolutionize what smart investment is all about. The investment opportunities offered are premium and have a guaranteed rental return based on the projected demand. Invest in the apartments and take pride in sharing in the biggest and arguably the most lucrative investment opportunity in Brisbane at this point in time.

If you wish to find out more about the investment opportunities that are open to you as an investor or simply want to learn more about the parameters of investment in Topaz apartments; call the sales manages at Topaz and you will be guided through the investment process.